Hotmail forgot password

Email is an excellent medium to get connected with our friends and family. Professionally, email is an essential thing as well. In this modern generation, we can't expect anyone without an email account, or there is hardly anyone don't use email. To exchange our thoughts, necessary files, and documents within no time, we need email service. And there are many email services to choose for. Hotmail is one of the email services, and this is one of the best email services as well. For me, this email service offers the best email service, but it can be the worst situation when you were forgotten your Hotmail password. If you are also going through this situation, you should be reading this article till the end. Because here you will get the solution for "Hotmail Forgot Password."

Forgot Hotmail Password - How To Recover Hotmail Password?

For our busy life and many circumstances, most of us forget our email and other account passwords. And we ended up creating a new account, but this not the ultimate solution for everyone. You can't just lose and give up for your forgotten Hotmail; there is a way to get back for "Hotmail Forgot Password." If you have also forgotten your Hotmail account password then here, I will prove you the solution for your worst situation. No doubt, you have many important files and information in your Hotmail account, In case to get back those important things here is the tips for you. So, keep reading to know how to recover your "Hotmail forgot password" in an easy way.

Secure Your Hotmail Account from "Hotmail Forgot Password" :

All email services recommend changing the password frequently and also suggest to set a secure password. Sometimes these security suggestions create problems for us too. Because changing the password often and create a secure password not convenient to remember. Hence, we often forgot our account passwords or there could be many reasons behind this situation. So this is why I am going to share you something about Hotmail Safety tips to avoid in future for "Hotmail Forgot Password." Also with this safety tips, you can also improve your Hotmail security. Therefore keep reading this article and know the best tips for your Hotmail account. You know that there should not be a compromise with your Hotmail account safety.

A Secure Password: You should set up a strong password for your Hotmail account. A strong password would secure your Hotmail account with maximum security. The password is one of the primary factors for your account security. If you do so, no one can predict your Hotmail Password, as most of the time account hacked by predicting the user's password. Hence, a secure or strong password is a must for your Hotmail account. hotmail login

To set a proper password, you should mix up characters, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters randomly. And most of us uses the birthday code, phone numbers,  his/her name and more common things of him/her. These kind of passwords are very risky, and here you lead to the most chances to lose your Hotmail account. So, point out this fact.

Never Share Your Hotmail Account Information: Many online thieves are there to steal your account information and thinking to hack your account for their personal profit. You may be getting phishing email or emails those are asking for your personal account information and passwords. You should never be replying to them or remember that your Hotmail team will never ask you for your personal info and password via emails. They will try to seduce you with their unusual emails.

Update Your Hotmail Setting One A Month: It is crucial to update your account information once in a month. Updating you Hotmail information would help you in "Hotmail forgot password" situation. Check if you have updated security information, linked phone number, linked email address whenever you get your time for this. hotmail

Report To A Spam, Phishing Email :  You should report to a spam email and phishing email. You should not reply to those email; it could be harmful to your Hotmail account. This would help you to the Hotmail safety team to build a better security for you and its users.

How To Recover Hotmail Forgot Password?

On above I have mentioned you about the Hotmail account's safety tips. Now if you are wondering for the "how to recover Hotmail forgot password?" then keep reading. In below I will discuss you about this facts, to get back your forgotten Hotmail account. You know this is the worst scenario for every email user; so that, you should be aware these facts.

To restore your Hotmail password, you can reset Hotmail account password and make it re-use your lost Hotmail account. In below I will share you the easiest process to restore your Hotmail account by resetting the password. So, keep reading to know how to reset Hotmail account password.Hotmail-forgot-password

Resetting you Hotmail password is very easy. You can check out below procedure to get back your Hotmail account. My password reset process won't take a much time to finalize.

Process to Reset Your Hotmail Password:

  • To reset your Hotmail account password go to the Microsoft Reset your password page.
  • Now you have to choose the option why you need to reset your account, after choosing this click Next to proceed.
  • Provide your linked email or whichever you have used for creating your Hotmail account. This could be any of your emails but should be linked with your Hotmail.
  • Prove yourself as human, providing the characters from the screen and then click Next.
  • Now you will get a one-time security code in your linked email and phone number. Now provide this code on your verification page and then you will able to create a new password.

So this is how you can quickly retrieve your forgotten Hotmail password account. Leaving your "Hotmail forgot password" and creating a new Hotmail is a bad idea. I have shown you how to get back your lost Hotmail account just because of the "Hotmail forgot password." So that, try  out this easy procedure to get back your lost Hotmail account.