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Hotmail is a web-based suite that is being used for sending emails, contacts, tasks, etc by over 400 million users across the world. It is one of the world's first webmail services from Microsoft which is available in over 106 languages. It was developed by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Microsoft has acquired the Hotmail in the year 1997 and MSN Hotmail had been launched later. However, it was later re-branded it to 'Windows Live Hotmail' as part of their Live Suite. Finally, the Microsoft has launched the final version of Hotmail which was later replaced by ''''. The maximum Size of a Hotmail message should be of 25 MB. Hotmail offers a storage capacity of 5GB per account.

The features of Hotmail are privacy and spam protection, integration with SkyDrive, 10GB single mail attachment, viewing the images in a dynamic view, One-click filter and categorise the emails, Instant messaging and text messaging facility, sweep/ delete the unwanted emails etc. However, the users from across the world who access this mailing services might face glitches at times while logging into the site or signing out, etc. In order to overcome these hassles, the Microsoft comes up with Customer Services Support. The Microsoft Answer Desk also provides online assistance regarding the problem one is facing through different modes of communication. They have some excellent staff who handles all the issues of the customers regarding the glitches of any kind one is going through.


The Microsoft provides the customer support in a multifold communication i.e., through mail or call, etc. The mode of communication has to be chosen by the users either through email or through a call. The Microsoft has come up with a mail id where one can drop there a message regarding the problem and the technical staff at customer support answer your query in the due course. Likewise, the Microsoft also provide the toll-free numbers for the users to call. The toll-free numbers vary depending on their respective regions. One can call up and can get an answer for your query from the technical department.

Most of the users face a problem of forgetting their passwords. One can recover their passwords by simply following the links given. To help you out for various problems, we have provided you with the customer support details like address, toll-free numbers, etc here. Therefore, check the details below.

Customer Support Hotmail India :


In order to get any kind of Online Assistance from the Hotmail, go to the link below to get the solutions for various problems one is facing,

Hotmail India Address: Hotmail India is 9th Floor, Tower A, DLF Cyber Greens, DLF Cyber Citi, Sector 25A, Gurgaon 122 002, India.

  • Phone Number: +91 80 40103000
  • Fax Number: +91-124-4158888

Hotmail India Customer Support Service Phone Number: The customer support phone number of Hotmail India is

  • 1800 102 1100 (Airtel landline and mobile phones)
  • 1800 111 100 (MTNL/BSNL landline)

Hotmail Customer Service number USA: (866) 833-7088

Hotmail Customer Service Number Canada: (800) 876-8533

Technical Support number UK: 0844 800 2400

Customer Help:

You can contact with Hotmail through the following Hotmail Support Links

Hotmail or Live mail help:

Hotmail Forum:

To post a query, click this link

Trouble sign or login problem:

click this link

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Hotmail the webmail company was founded by an Indian-American entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia. on 4th July 1996 Saber along with his colleague jack smith has set up Hotmail. It was the world's second largest e-mail provider with almost 369 million registered users. Hotmail is a free e-mail service provided by Microsoft. Any user who creates (sign up) a New Hotmail account will get a storage space of up to 5GB and Windows Live Skydrive will get 25GB of space. Business and companies can also get Hotmail account for their own domain name. If you are planning to delete or remove you Hotmail Account. then follow some simple steps which are provided below.

How to Delete Hotmail Account - Check Here

Delete Hotmail Account
Delete Hotmail Account

Hotmail is said to be the world's second largest e-mail provider with over 380 million registered users, a figure exceeded only by Google's Gmail service. Bhatia used to work at Microsoft for a little over a year after the Hotmail Purchased. He also started a free messaging service called JaxtrSMS. It would do to SMS what Hotmail did for e-mail. In December 1997, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for a reported amount of $400 million, and it joined the MSN group of services. Hotmail quickly gained popularity as it was localized for different markets around the globe. But, Microsoft has finally launched the final version of Hotmail which was later replaced by "".

If you are planning to Delete or Close your Hotmail account permanently, then you Won't be able to use to access Hotmail, other Microsoft account, products, and services. The users will also lose all the Subscriptions, photos, and Files on OneDrive, Emails in Hotmail and Purchased items on Xbox. after delete Hotmail account, the user will also lose Skype and Xbox. If there is any money or credit in your Hotmail account you will lose it. So use or transfer all the money before deactivating Hotmail account. If you still want to Delete Hotmail account permanently then follow the simple steps below.

Close or Delete Hotmail account :

  • First Visit the official Sign in Page of Hotmail
Hotmail Sign in
Hotmail Sign in
  • Then type your Username and Password to sign in your Hotmail email account
  • Click on your account name On the Right corner, then click "Account Settings"
Account settings
Account settings
  • Then you will see a Close account Options - Click It
Close my account
Close my account
  • Hotmail will ask you to verify a security code. Which you will receive in your alternative email ID or mobile number. Enter the code when you receive.
  • Click "Next" If you want to deactivate Hotmail account
Hotmail Email Account
Hotmail Email Account
  • Re-check all the details provided and Select all the options and a reason why you want to delete your Hotmail account.
  • after successfully Checking the details, then click "Mark account for closure"
Mark account for closure
Mark account for closure
  • After that Click Deactivate Account
  • Final step You will get a message displaying the final date of your Hotmail deactivation.
delete your hotmail account
delete your Hotmail account
  • Click "Done" and your account will be deleted or deactivated after 60 days.

Hotmail reserves your email ID even after you have closed or deleted your account for a period of 60 days. Within this period if you would like to reactivate it, you could easily Sign In again.

Note: Save all those documents, photos and Important emails to your computer, cloud storage or any flash drive. Before you close your account, make sure to check your every single email where old pictures, files, or documents are stored.Some of these documents might be valuable to you.

Hotmail features:

  • The Hotmail users can also upgrade to with their same username and passwords.
  • Users can open, edit and share Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files within the account.
  • You can also chat with Facebook users and other Hotmail users from Hotmail messenger.
  • The inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space.
  • Users can block emails from particular domains or addresses.

Some other ways to delete Hotmail account: First you have to Visit the official page and sign in your Hotmail account. Then Go to Security and privacy and Click on "More security setting" under "Account security heading". the Company then will ask to enter your password and verify it. Follow the instructions and in "Security settings" scroll down the page to the bottom and click 'Close my account' option. The Next Step You have to verify your account, Read carefully all the points and click "Next" button. Then Select all the checkbox and select the reason why you want to delete Hotmail email account. then final step Click "Mark account for closure".

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