Top 5 Best Hotmail Features You Must Know

Hotmail is one of the oldest and most popular mailing service in the world. In the era of digits, while we can spend a day without the Internet connection, mailing services also one of the most useful online services that we get via Internet. There are several online mailing services available for free. Each of the mailing services has their own specification for serving their users the best.Hotmail

Microsoft was never fell behind in the race of advanced Technology. They have always been improving their product and services for betterment of modern human lifestyle. As the Hotmail is Microsoft's one of the best creation, the Hotmail service also been improved over the time.

Hotmail mailing service comes with so many admirable features. Some of the best features of Hotmail are counted in 5 numbers here. Check these out.

Top 5 Best Features of Hotmail You Must Look For :

Over the time, Hotmail has improved its mailing service to the extent of best user experience. It has increased the size of file attachments, visibility, Editing and Sharing documents, mobile compatibility, real-time collaboration, and more. I am about to describe to 5 best features of Hotmail one by

1: Edit and Share Your Documents -

Using Microsoft Office Web app you can get access to your Hotmail account and edit your documents, or share with anyone if required. As all your Hotmail documents saved in the cloud you can access to them from anywhere, anytime.

2: Advanced User Security -

Hotmail also has added top-level user security to its mailing service. Using HTTPS feature, you ca get encryption of your credentials. This will save your secret info or database from online fishers.

3: Real-Time Collaboration -

Hotmail allows your to edit or create important documents that can be collaborated with multiple users at the same time while it being edited or created. While the document is being collaborated, you can freely monitor the number of users online, and the every changes made to it instantly.

4: Large File Sizes -

If your Hotmail is integrated with the Skydrive, you will be able to send files or documents of up to 10 GB in each mail. The large files sent by you will be saved in the Skydrive, and your recipient will receive only the URL link. Through the URL, your recipient will be able to download your sent file from Skydrive. If the recipient does not have any Skydrive account, still he or she can download your sent file or document using the URL link.

5: Quick Views of Your Emails with Filter -

Let's assume that you need to have a quick view on your particular document that resides somewhere in your inbox. You can simply go to "Quick views" section, and click on the "Documents" category. There are  total of four categories in the Quick views section Flagged, Photos, Documents, and Shipping Updates. You can get a quick view to any of these categories as you require.There are more best featurs of Hotmail to be counted. Hence, I would like to end up my list right here with these top 5 best featurs of Hotmail mailing service. Further features will be described very soon.

There are more best features of Hotmail to be counted. Hence, I would like to end up my list right here with these top 5 best features of Hotmail mailing service. Further features will be described very soon.

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